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    [Update] Patch Notes 04/06/2021

    Greetings, Rohanians!

    On this post you will be able to find news regarding events, content and bug fixes.

    The following has been conducted during our Maintenance:

    <New Content and Events>

    -Treasure Hunter System Event ended
    -Tower of Wish returns! added. Click here for more info!
    -+1 Enhancement Tickets Recycle recipes announced.
    *[+1 Enhance Ticket (max +12)]+ [+1 Enhance Ticket (max +12) ] + 1x Shiny Transcendence Stone = +1 Enahnce Ticket (max +15) or +1 Enhance Ticket (max +12)

    -Hunting Bonus has been added as Rohanians requested. Click here for more info!
    -Health comes first event! implemented
    -Attack on Ducks System Event implemented Click here for more info!

    <Bug fixes and corrections>

    -Corrected an issue that let players wear equipment above their level (115+)

    <Issues Found>

    -The equipment required level will still be displayed as blue(can wear) even though you do not have enough level (only for equipment above 115+)
    *This will be fixed in an upcoming Maintenance.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends
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