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    Usage of VPN ingame - this needs to be discussed

    Recently there has been issues of players getting suspended or banned directly without any proper explanation from the ingame GM team. Now I cant say for everyone whether they actually used anything fishy, but from the ones that I can actually vouch for, all leads to one similarity : the use of VPNs

    Now is this an issue? For most players yes. For a north american based server probably 80% of your player demographic is Asian. So yes they all require a vpn connection to get better connection quality and pings. The recently updated 3rd party program bann policy simply did not state ANYTHING about the use of VPNs. It simply states that the use a 3rd party program giving you an unfair advantage ( with the example of an autoclicker or macros allowing you to be afk while the character hunts by itself ) is punishable.

    This has been ongoing long enough with the ingame GMs simply suspending people with the accusation of '3rd Party Program'. This needs to be talked about between players and the GMs.

    Is the use of a vpn connection illegal?

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    In my opinion should be not illegal, most of Asian player use it for make connection stable.
    My account got banned with accusation using Third Party program, while i didnt use any even vpn cause all of the server from my VPN were made DCM. And I still didnt know which 3rd party that GM means. And they cant give the answer and only hiding in "we cant give information bout GM's investigation." This is so confusing. ._.

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    In my opinion, VPN/GPN should be not illegal

    current condition for me in Indonesia
    I use fiber and sometimes phone connection to connect internet

    the ping that I got is 250-500ms.
    it takes 0.5s-2s to pick 1 item and delay between skills
    it's not playable for me

    sometimes normal connection also got DCM so the fastest to solve it just to use VPN/GPN. cmiiw

    even after using GPN it still got ping 170-200ms, at least it stable at that number

    if you want to make a VPN/GPN illegal, I hope you can provide channel for SEA users


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    AFAIK VPN use is not illegal. I have used them many times.

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