]Greetings Rohanians!

In this ocassion we will do a brand new event for April's Fools and this is no joke!
Rohanians who participate in ďAprilís JokerĒ may find a mysterious item on their inventory, once you spot it you must send a ticket however there is a catch!
You will have to stay sharp as If you miss the time window for submitting and indicating which item is it you will not be able to claim the prizes!
Hint: The item name has two words the first one starts with E and the second with T.

How to participate?

Click here to participate.

🎁 [Mysterious Item Rewards]

Players will be selected through a raffle however it will be slightly different than what you are used to!

💠 x3 200% combination scroll (2 hours)
💠 x3 400% growth seal (2hours)
💠 x1 Weapon Reinforcement Stone VI
💠 x1 Armor Reinforcement Stone VI
💠 x1 Safe enhancement stone
💠 x1 Distinguished Box

🎁 [Raffle Rewards]

At the end of the event we will do a normal raffle with the following rewards:

💠 x1 Enhancement Abradant (IM)
💠 x1 Distinguished Box

A group of Rohanians will be selected every few days and will receive a strange item.
Only the rohanians who comment in the post can participate in the mysterious item raffle.
Make sure to check the Post as we will update it when we send the mysterious items!
Those who received the item can send a ticket in order to claim the reward however you must specify the item and have it in your inventory.
If you miss the chance to claim your reward the next batch of items sent will be bigger corresponding the amount of unclaimed rewards up until the last batch.
Rohanians who comment will participate in a raffle when the event ends!

🔎 [Rules]
⚠️ The event starts on April 1st- 9th
⚠️ One account PER PLAYER
⚠️ Multiple accounts will reduce the chances of winning.
⚠️ Double check that you typed correctly your answer before sending it
⚠️ Trading the item will disqualify you from the event
⚠️ The strange items will be removed during and/or after the event.
⚠️ The Post will be updated when the mysterious items are sent.
⚠️ Be aware we are allowed to disqualify entries that we deem not eligible for rewards for being incomplete, incorrect or being unrelated to the event.
That being said, let's start!.

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-
Vengeance Never Ends