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    Account Has Been Blocked

    Dear Support team,

    Can you please unblock my account?
    I have no idea why tou block my account.
    I never did illegal action.
    I dont even know how.

    Here is the detail of my account:
    ID : thokay
    Character Name : Thokay
    Server : Duran
    ticket Number : #362450

    Thank you

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    GM Nutachi replied my ticket.

    And he/she said they have blocked my account because "I created many accounts to take advantage of any mechanism of the game."

    In fact, IT WAS MY FIRST ACCOUNT. And i just played for 6 DAYS.

    How could this happen? What system did they use to decide to blocked my account?

    Now im playing with my second account, will it be safe to continue playing?
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    The other GM said, i was botting.

    Its more ridicolous.

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    We have same case bro.
    I never doing ilegal action and playing in 1 ID. In the same time our account (my friend and I) got blocked.
    It doesn't make sense I think.
    May be GM staff can't WORK PROPERLY.

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    lol same. my account lvl 100+ got blocked while Selling item. retired.

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    my account got perma banned, they said i use third party, while i never use any third party. when i ask the proof, they cant give it to me. i dunno what happen with GM's Teamwork. me n my wife felt disappointed. both of us were fair player. but well is time to retired. :'(

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    Same here, got perma ban and they dont bother to give any proof that I do what they accused me to, very sad with what the GM do

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