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Thread: Hunterkits

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    you related to Legault1 in some way , how long you been playing this game i wonder , since RBF or started to play from scratch in REV ?

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    btw , just one more thing i came to think of in your answer to me aboute HK , since you are so good at english and understanding other players opinions , you might be able to explain to me whats so giving aboute killing a char running on HK
    who is not fighting back cuz the HK is all aboute killing mobs and not players and dont fight back ?

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    i just looked at what you wrote me back , and found that you say that the issues i bring up talking aboute in this game are no issues according to you , seen from your point of view those issues are more like
    the dumbest things you ever heard of , it only shows how much you as player care aboute a game overall .have you even looked at and taken the time reading what other players in this game complain aboute
    ? .

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    Why so much multi-posting? Out of (now 14) posts 9 of them are yours. If you have something to add to a previous post, just edit the old one.

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