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    [Community Event] Spring Loading Screen Competition!

    Greetings Shiltzians,

    This time we bring you a new community event!
    We love art and seeing our talented players’ masterpieces! Bring out your inner Michelangelo!

    For this event, you will have to use the drawing tool to create a new Loading Screen for the game with a Spring theme. Your great art will not only be rewarded with an amazing prize, but it will also transcend to the legendary “Drawing hall of fame” and will be exhibited on the game’s loading screen on our upcoming maintenance after the event is over.


    - Open this link: http://sealloadingchallenge.is-great.net/?i=1
    - Use the designated area to draw:

    This is the official size for the loading screen
    - The draw must be Seal Spring themed, you can use your own creativity for this event

    - Generate and copy the URL that will appear below and post it on this thread
    - Post the link on this thread and your character name and server.
    - You can only participate once
    - More than one submission will lead to a disqualification


    1st Place: 5000 Rps + Vulcanus Special Toolbox
    2nd Place: 3000 Rps + Albereo Special Toolbox 2
    3rd Place: 2000 Rps + 5 Bonus Golden Chest Keys

    For all participants:
    - Fishing EXP (4 Hours) (Untradeable)
    - [Compensation] Pet Feeding bag (7 Days)

    You have from March 5th until March 16th at 23:59 PST to submit your participation.

    Great luck to you all!
    Love Seal!
    Seal B.o.D. Team

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    IGN : Forschiro
    Server : Duran

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    IGN : Laphy
    Server : Duran

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    IGN : Lista
    Server Duran

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    IGN: Blacid
    Server: Duran

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    IGN: Konbawow
    Server: Duran

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    IGN: Mizukko
    Server: Duran

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    IGN: Hungrypenguin
    Server: Duran

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    Nick : Xylrna
    Server : Duran I
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    Hi GameMaster!

    I feel like I'm running into a problem right here in the drawing tool microsite. The "Get image URL for forum" button doesn't seem to generate any link for me. I've finished my drawing and it will take a considerable time and effort to redo it all over again if needed. Does anyone encounter the same problem?

    But anyway, here's my character name, server, downloaded image from the microsite, and the proof video for the problem I'm encountering as the link won't show up. With this, I hope that I'm still able to participate despite having generated no link. Thank you!

    Character Name: Greno
    Server: Duran

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