Hi, i am a returner, thankfully i have a level 86 char here..
but from the things and stuffs i hear, its now you got access to powerlevel from 78-200?
I just wanna PvM with warrior classes, prolly make SM and Bzerk 1 each. chilling and enjoy scenery
the questions revolve around of what am I missing:
1. should i make new char instead of the old ones
2. what is the get-go build n guides for warrior beginners?
3. how do i get the decent eq? (yulson something? though i have warrior EQ up until Life-and-Death set <idk what it is named now, the blue one for level 120~>)
4. how do i get the new eq? rings earrings etc (i am really old)
5. are there new pets? wats the difference between pet and battle pet, how to acquire battle pet? (for warriors ofc)

Thanks a lot to whoever kind soul to answer this