Greetings Rohanians!

GM’s are always looking for new challenges.
This time, we want to test the creativity about rohan of all Rohanians through this event called “Caption Contest”

How to participate?👀

Participants will have to submit a caption befitting the image in the comments of the facebook post of the event:

🎁 [Rewards]

There will be 6 winners raffled amongst the participants and one winner for being the most liked caption

💠 2x 400% growth seal 2hrs
💠 x2 200% Combination Scroll(Event) - 2 hours
💠 40 Million Crones
❤️ x1 Ultimate Love-Crazed Box

Most liked caption will receive the rewards above and:
💠 Hunter Kit (24 Hrs)


GMs will post a random picture which may or not be related to Rohan.
Participants will have to add a caption to the image and post it in the comments of the post .
Participants must add captions that can relate to the picture.
The winners will be featured in a separate winner announcement post.
GMs will contact the winners.

🔍️ [Rules]

⚠️ The event starts on February 19th until January 22th
⚠️ One account PER PLAYER
⚠️ Multiple accounts will reduce the chances of winning.
⚠️ Make sure send the image with a caption added in the comments
⚠️ Be aware that we are allowed to disqualify entries that we deem not eligible for the rewards for being incomplete, incorrect, due to bad behavior or breaking the rules of the event.

That being said, let's start.

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-
Vengeance Never Ends