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    valentines day event

    first off this is probably in my opinion the first event that i have seen in a long time that was worth the effort the prizes are decent and EVERYBODY can do the entire event. That said just an observation as this morning i see a notice that crowding the npc will result in account suspension there are several ways to stop this putting the npc on a pedestal to raise it above the height of players is one placing the npc inside a fence is another, however the probable best approach given the number of players would be to both place the npc in an elevated position but also place her in every town next to sundries possibly. giving us the players more access points to turn the quests in (which can be time consuming) would both increase the players ability to turn in the quests but also reduce the lag and congestion in the crafting studio which often has so much traffic that its near imposable to see your own toon in the fray of characters.

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    blah blah blah

    it just takes a bit effort so you add 2 duplicated npcs like idk one in crafting and another one in my ass

    but it is way too difficult as it seems

    just get used to these kind of issues and either accept it or do not accept it, no one will give a s i n g l e,,,,

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    wow some ones a little anally troubled today wow. Look man after 12 years of this game i know better than most, ive been threatened with a ban from more than one cadre of gms over the years but guess what I'm still here you know why because i will praise what i feel to be a good thing just a fast as i will flame the hell out of them for bone head moves. All i see from you is gripe. GM's once again good job on this one wish i could put some of these prizes in my tres but overall good job.

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    Thanks Ragingredneck for your feedback and we are glad you liked the event.

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