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    Question Can someone give items recommendation to gear up my berserker?

    Hey guys, mind if I ask here ?
    I want to know which item should I upgrade ?

    My current level is 208
    from HTBS and Weapon are from Yulson.
    I have enough cegels (about 2 negel I assume?)
    Since I made a come back couple days ago, seems have no clue which where should I leveling and which gears I have to use at my current levels. ( Overwhealmed with the updates and many changes )

    My current HTBS as I mentioned before are from Yulson, but rest aren't.
    1. Wings of Nariel XG+9
    2. Powerful Duke's Ring
    3. Powerful Marquee's Earring
    4. Kitsune +0
    5. Dark spirit (still in spirit form )

    Oh yea, any tips to farm cegel nowdays ?

    Thank you guys!

    IGN: Threeam

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    2n is 200m right?
    upgrade your HTBS into CSC HTBS XG+7 atleast
    i think its around 150m now

    easiest way to farm cegel is making a artisan,
    since artisan doesnt get penalty drop when hunting at low lvl monster
    then u can farm low lvl equips then sell it to npc
    and cooking max red/blue potion then sell it to other player

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