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    ❤️ Valentine's Sales & Rps Spent ❤️

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Starting this month of love we present new events: RPs Spend, New costume and items with discount.
    You will be able to show off with these lovely costumes!
    Take advantage of the RPs Spent to receive additional rewards!

    ⚡Rps Spend⚡
    ⭐ 1000 RPs > Safe Enhancement Stone(IM)
    ⭐ 2500 RPs > Walter Medal +3
    ⭐ 6000 RPs > 100% Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone (IM)
    ⭐ 15000 RPs > +1 Enhancement Titcket (Max +12)

    • Rewards are cumulative.
    • Rewards are limited per account. Once you have spent the maximum amount indicated, you will not receive more rewards for spending more.
    • For account first purchase, Paypal account must be confirmed through Billing Team.
    • This event will be available from February 10th at 00:00 PDT until February 20th at 24:00 PDT.
    • The rewards will be distributed within February 21th

    Item mall update
    We have these beautiful costumes for all of you who love Valetine!

    Baseball's Costume Bundle (F)

    - Hope Baseball Hat (F)
    - Baseball Passion (F)

    Baseball's Costume Bundle (M)

    - Baseball Passion (M)
    - Baseball Passion Cap (M)

    Nurse's Costume Bundle (F)

    - Nurse of Broken Hearts (F)
    - Sexy Nurse Hat (F)

    Doctor's Costume Bundle (M)
    - Doctor Gown (Men)
    - Major Priest Hat (M)

    *You can buy it in a package as well as individually.
    Know that these Costumes are for Limited time only! They will be available for purchase until March 9.

    New Package
    [Limited Sale] [New Adventurer Package
    - Mark of a new adventurer (Quest Item) [Bonus Free Item]
    "This item enables the Cassadra Chain Quest, this NPC is in Fishing Hole and will provide rewards every few levels up to level 70"
    - Natu's pattern: All Attack -30D
    - Trian's pattern: All Status - 30D
    - 400% Growth Seal(2H) x12

    Know that this new Package will be available for a limited time.

    ➡ 30% OFF

    [Sale] Shiny Teardrops of Edoneh
    [Sale] Brave Marea's Water Bottle(IM)
    [Sale] Brave Flag of Roha(IM)
    [Sale] Brave Spear of Roha(IM)
    [Sale] Brave Incense Burner of Marea(IM)
    [Sale] Brave Worn Leaf of Ohn(IM)
    [Sale] Brave Crown of Edoneh(IM)
    [Sale] Brave Ring of Edoneh(IM)
    [Sale] Shiny Protection of Marea(IM)
    [Sale] Shiny Incense Burner of Marea(IM)

    ➡ 20% OFF

    [Sale] Natu's pattern: Range Attack - 30D
    [Sale] Natu's pattern: Melee Attack - 30D
    [Sale] Natu's pattern: Magic Attack - 30D
    [Sale] Trian's pattern: VIT - 30D
    [Sale] Trian's pattern: STR - 30D
    [Sale] Trian's pattern: PSY - 30D
    [Sale] Trian's pattern: INT - 30D
    [Sale] Trian's pattern: DEX - 30D
    [Sale] Trian's pattern: AGI - 30D
    [Sale] Edwin's pattern: Physical Defense - 30D
    [Sale] Edwin's pattern: Magical Defense - 30D
    [Sale] Kish's pattern: MP - 30D
    [Sale] Kish's pattern: HP - 30D
    [Sale] Natu's pattern: All Attack -30D
    [Sale] Trian's pattern: All Status - 30D

    These sales will be available from February 09th until February 11th 23:59 PT Time.
    Check the discount section on the Item Mall here: https://bit.ly/3pshOnW

    **Make sure to buy the items with [Sale] in the name to get the discount**

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N. Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends

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    Greetings Rohanians!

    We have already sent the RPS Spent rewards to your accounts! Please check Mall Inventory!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-
    Vengeance Never Ends

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