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    [Event] February Insomnia Event

    Greetings Shiltzians!

    We have prepared a very special playtime event with amazing prizes so you can spend extra special times with your couple and earn prizes together! ����

    You could both win lovely matching outfits and be the top notch couple on all Shiltz!

    To participate you just need to show your love for Seal Online and stay connected as long as you can!

    At the end of this event, players who have accomplished the number of hours required will receive lovely prizes!

    The best part is that the prizes are cumulative: more prizes for more hours connected! ^^

    *Event Duration: From February 9th after maintenance to March 9th before maintenance.


    1. Prizes will be sent during the maintenance on March 9.
    2. Prizes are just for one server only (for the first character to log in, it can be Arus or Duran).
    3. Prizes are sent to the account's cash bank and normal items to the mailbox.
    4. The rewards are cumulative. As you conquer more hours, you also receive the previous rewards. It will count the total of hours connected per account (not per character).
    5. Dummy accounts will NOT be considered for this event.

    Time to spend a lovely time by our beloved’s side and have fun

    Love Seal ^^
    Seal: BoD Team.

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    The last insomnia event was really disappointing, I hope this one won't be the same

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    200 hours of login time for useless thing.

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    we have realistik live gggmmmmmm

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    Not interested to play anymore, please fix bot (so many bot/cheaters now)

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    Your suggestions will be duly reported to a higher department. Thank you for your feedbacks.

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    I have logged in for 3 days, but I don't have a couple. very sad. hiks hiks

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    GM please check East of Sealed Island . many cheater there .
    Nickname the cheater: Beggar[Craftman]Headmeni Lv. 230
    18/Feb/2021 12:09 GMT +7
    Last edited by ArytonSnx; 02-17-2021 at 09:12 PM.

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