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    Welcome to a "new game"...

    Welcome to a new game with the same issues.
    Server down with code 3901 gate connection.
    How about you use that money you got from the numerous versions of rohan you had and actually create a new game, an actual story line, better graphics, and stable server.

    -sigh wishful thinking-

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    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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    Really sad....I redownloaded this game today with hope to seeing better models or something slightly different...yeah nah..None of that. And I played this game 10 odd years ago.

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    So the server was down on a Friday 5th, now its 8th PST, 9th EST so literally ever 3-4 days the server is going to go down? This isnt even a weekend event. So imagine it going down on the weekend when there is actual population and multiple players with kisoks open to sell.
    Getting old. Getting old fast.

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    Can anyone else even log in right now?
    I tried and its giving me numerous error messages from "Gate 3901," to "can not find account", to "you are already logged in"....

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    Please submit a ticket to our platform in order to give you the best support.
    Here's the link: http://support.playwithi.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

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