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    I mean for real?!

    DO you also feel like this game has no meaning an less you play Ra Elf or DK ? I mean on Power Arena you have no chance against them! hey kill you with one skill! I ask you where is the BALANCE ?! I hit izard for 100dmg...... WTF

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    Don't forget Trinity now, completely nude with no points in Vit, easily reach 100k+ HP lmaoooooo

    "new game"

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    Last time they were all just Dhan and DS int now they are all at least something else so don't complain and the simplest stop playing this 'new game'.
    This is not a new game at all or even a new story, it's the same thing they cover up under another name!
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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    should we ask for a re-balance?(becouse there is none)

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    not really, i find it not that bad as i did few weeks ago. I've seen all classes doing fine at PVP

    the only problem about DKs is that... there are too many of them at arena!!! there should be some kind of limit for each class and less players at each arena in general. I mean that there should start like 2-3 PA at the same time, not only one huge mess where you dont even see whats going on around you

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    are you joking , you find this so called new game Rohan EV not that bad , its filled up with the same issues as before ,
    the owner has not solved anything just made a few changes here and there in order to call it BRAND NEW , its pure
    disgusting what the owner has done towards the old players of the game and their accounts .
    the problems that the game had before is still in the game like never before , and they are not even close to be solved .

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    First, What is a balance? I think everyone already knows it. Before this patch in my opinion it is a bad balance for other classes too.
    We usually see Predator, DS, etc no wiz, What they should do I think just keep an update.
    BTW I just come back to play it yesterday so Idk much for this patch but if someone can explain to me about balance for Preda patch so I would like to ask how is that call balance for you guys?

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    I never played guard until this server and I do OK

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