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    Malaikaungu, a member of the malaikaungu guild, is an idiot who is afraid of killing the hunter kit and is unable to escape to town or say a word.
    Why are there so many idiots who can't even come out even if they swear at the guild together...
    Last Control Guild venuz Tecantown popped out in a whisper heheheh...what a bitch like this.....!!!!! Same guild......mercure....The kit is easy and scared, so I run away to town...What are you going to do?
    The guild that accepts that as a Gilwon is an idiot... is it?
    If you want to fight, don't touch rhymes or other people, fight each other openly.....That's why you only pollute the guild name...
    If this article looks weird, swear at Google... This is because I don't speak English, so I turned Google around.....After....It's 3 am...I'm cutting it now...

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    Relax Game died imbicil's destroy whole game no 1 gona play this **** impossible to go farm somting insta get killed.Have fun sun gonna be 20 ppl online applausse.

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