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    1. Started 60 days ago with fresh new characters

    2. First 3 9days, lvlvd 3 characters together from 1-90,using the last event to get new adventurer mark

    3. obtained 5k ip ticket,gave my chars Elemental Title

    4. obtained persona boxes from dungeon, gave my chars elemental talisman

    5. obtained this mask from this event on all chars

    6. while lvling it is easy to jump from froiane armor set into edwin armor set (keeps you alive till lvl 95+)

    7. while lvling managed to get some cool drops , earned around 20B from drops, earned around 40B from selling and opening boxes and gifts from events

    8. managed to gear up my characters in Onyx Sets, and made them Glacial weapons

    9. invested all the money ive gathered in 4x beze +10 rings,around 70B

    10. DIDNT SPEND ONE DOLAR STILL, 60 DAYS, FREE TO PLAY APPROACH, WORKING, HAVING FUN, CAN EVEN KILL 60-70 percent of other players with gear ive made in month and a half.

    DOABLE, but very hard.
    Wow! A year later and I come to see this lmao. Come talk to me when you obtain, elemental talisman +10, universal talisman, 1k title, "All Master" title, +21, +24, +27 tickets, verdict chakras +18, all while not spending money and we'll talk how great this game isnt P2W. *No skills intended* Dont forget to let me know how much money you put into this game on a monthly basis too. Lets not forget RMT too. I'll look forward to this.

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    OMG this game still exists
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    Not bad, thank you.

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