Greetings, Shiltzians!

It’s time to sharpen your weapons, because we’ll go dungeoning for some awesome items!
We have added many surprises to dungeons drop, and you will be able to find pets so you can try the brand new pets system, a strong accessory and Police set to help you on your adventure!

Check them out:

- At Alcanez Dungeon:

Piya’s Egg
Bird Egg
Pink Piya’s Egg
Green Seed
Tear of Jhoshima*

- At Sage Tower Dungeon:

Abysmal Egg
Heaven’s Egg
Police Suit Cap.XG
Police Suit Jacket.XG
Police Suit Bottom.XG
Police Suit Boots.XG

- At Einhorn Dungeon:

Mandra Sprout
Footed Black Dragon Egg
Burning Wisp

This event will be available from December 1st until December 29th.

*Tear of Jhoshima might also appear in other places.

Have fun and good luck everyone!

Love Seal!
Seal BOD Team ^^