Greetings, Shiltzians!

NPC Costume Exchanger FuFu is always innovating to bring you the latest and finest fashion clothing you deserve!
For this reason, the user interface is renewed:

You will still have the option to exchange your costumes for Ethod Crystals (by clicking on Costume Dismantle) and exchange them for Ethod's.EX Costume Box at your mailbox (by clicking on the option EX Costume Box).

Upon clicking on “Ethod Exchange” you will be able to exchange 100 Ethod Crystal Powder for 1 Ethod Crystal. The claimed Crystals will arrive to your mailbox.

If you click on the new button “Costume Mix”, you will be able to combine two parts of EX Costumes, 5 Ethod Crystals, and some cegels in order to have the chance to obtain an Ethod's GX Costume Box.
Warning: there is a risk of failure, but do not be sad because you will still be able to obtain Ethod Crystal Powder.

What’s in the Ethod's GX Box?

Custom-made and powerful GX Costumes to fashionably enter the hardest dungeons or Ethod Crystal.
We introduce the GX Costumes:

-Treasure Hunter Costume: you’re hunting but your looks just don’t match your emotions? Don’t worry anymore! This costume will make you look like a real treasure hunter while you slay bales. Because you can always fight monsters with a killer look.

-Clone Costume: ever felt like you want to look like a wolf or a fairy but the power is not enough? We have great news for you! With this costume you will be able to display the EX or any cash costume of your preference while obtaining all the amazing stats from this .GX Costume.

In order to obtain the desired look, you need to:
1. Click the Clone Costume,
2. Click on your preferred costume (by mixing outfits, you can obtain a unique look). This will be equipped on top of the Clone Costume.
3. Look stunning!

Here are the stats of these amazing costumes:

Rumor has it: never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a slaying day!

Have fun with these updates and good luck for everyone!

Love Seal!
Seal BOD Team ^^