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    Full Int Warlock

    I'm looking for a guide for full intelligence Warlock. Are there any players as full int Warlock to contact with them in the game? Is anyone able to make short statement about gameplan as full int warlock, I mean skill tree, how to farm as that Warlock, how pvp looks like etc.

    This is my first time as DE and I've decided to go full int Warlock because of pvp. However, I don't know what skills I should take and how to make a pvp as that Warlock.

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    psy wizz is still better choice man, your regulars hits like truck, and skills do insane dmg, +OP shield, why u want to be full int wlike you loose so much of wizz power?

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    The problem is I have made Warlock class. However, I can do new char as psy wizz. Have you ever played as int warlock and you find it a little useless? Is it possible to be good at pvp as int warlock, and how that pvp should look like? Int warlock is about casting debuffs and hitting by staff or how that gameplay in pvp should look like?

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    warlock good in pve/boss hunt.. wiz good in pvp/support boss hunt

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    Nooo sorry bro I can't agree with you. How actually Warlock would be good in pve whereas he has a lot of debuff skills and hardly any to pve? I think Warlock is good for pvp but the problem is with his EQ. I mean if I have a better Eq espiecially which gives me a lot of INT and VIT then I will own in pvp xD

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