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    R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Restoration Policy

    Greetings Rohanians!

    We would like to announce the Restoration rules and Guidelines for the restoration of items from the GM team.

    [Overall Rules]

    * For any restoration support, you need to report the loss to the GM team VIA TICKET as soon as possible.
    * You have to include the complete name of the missing item(s) and the exact date and time when you last saw the item(s).
    * If the issue happened more than 30 days ago, the restoration request will be denied.
    * GMs will never contact the winners of any event and give you links to login and choose your reward. Those are phishing sites! We will always announce the names of the winners in our official FB page and forum.
    * If access to your account has been shared, Playwith will be unable to support you with ANY account restoration actions. Heavily shared accounts will also be at risk for account closure. In case it wasn't clear:

    DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT. (This includes selling, buying and trading accounts)

    Here are some possible scenarios to bear in mind before sending a restoration request:

    [Case I: Sold Item(s) to NPC by Mistake]
    * Your item can be restored by the GM team after removing the crones that you obtained from the sold item.
    * If your crone balance isn't enough to cover the cost of the item, the GM team may ask you to scrape up enough crones to cover the cost.

    [Case II: Dropped Item(s) by Mistake]
    * If your item perished without being picked up by any other players, your item may be restored by the GM team.
    * If another player picked it up however, this case would be considered as part of the game, and NOT be eligible for restoration.

    [Case III: Dropped Item(s) by PVP/PK/Monster]
    *All cases of this are considered part of the game, regardless if someone picks the item up or not. These items will NOT be eligible for restoration.

    [Case IV: Hacked account / Compromised Account Issue]
    * If the account hasn't been shared, the GM team will do an investigation. If your account has been shared, the investigation will be DENIED.
    * However, if the items (including Crones / Characters) were consumed/processed in the game via level refinement, forging or any other in-game features; those items will be restored as is, to avoid any abuse of compromised account restoration support.

    [Case V: Trashed Items]
    * If the item was deleted with the Recycle bin in the inventory, it may be eligible for one-time restoration if you report it within 90 days from when the item was deleted.
    * Title Tickets however, can be restored after 90 days.

    [Case VI: Anything involving a Shared Account]
    * If you shared your account, Playwith will be unable to support the case because players are strictly prohibited from sharing their accounts. (Buying, Selling, Trading, Lending, etc.)

    [Case VII: Missed Prizes/Rewards of In-game Features]
    * If you missed any prizes or rewards from In-game Features such as Elemental Dungeon or Power Arena, we are NOT able to load prizes manually unless it was caused by a bug.
    * For example, if the player gets disconnected, removed or teleported (by a timer feature) it won't be considered for restoration and will need to wait for the next opportunity to participate.

    [Case VIII: Failed refine/reinforce/forge]
    * The GM Team is not allowed to restore items that were broken due to a failed refine, reinforce or forge. In case the item breaks for not using Preservation Stones/ Abradants, this case would be considered as part of the game, and NOT be eligible for restoration.
    * Anytime an item is level refined past 30 levels, the next time it fails, it will break.

    [Case IX: Price/Name of items on Kiosk]
    * Please remember to double check the exact name and price of each item before buying or starting a sale.
    * If the item had the wrong price, GMs won’t be able to undo the sale.
    *The only exception to this rule is when a character goes against the ban policies.

    [Case X: Disbanded Guild]
    * All items and crones in the guild treasury will disappear once the guild is disbanded.
    * Restoration requests of items that remained in the Guild Treasury will be denied.

    [Case XI: Trades with Alts]
    * If you have made a trade with an alt and you have not double-checked the correct name, the restoration of this item will not be considered since it is the responsibility of the owner to do the previous verification.
    * Several similar cases have been detected trying to trick the GMTeam and these cases will be investigated in detail.

    The GMTeam reserves the right to change and update these measures at any time it deems necessary.

    Best regards,
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Eternal Vengeance Team-

    Vengeance Never Ends
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