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    New Server Same Customer Service

    game comes out tomorrow and GM's are no where to be found. NO Server Updates. No server details. What are they afraid of? they waiting for the last day to release it all then watch 75% of not even log in due to the over whelming P2W its going to be? just get it over with GM's it will be worse the longer you wait and more pissed off players.

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    Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and that they want to just surprise everyone and make it a slow launch, A-LOT of old people WILL come back and play and it's gonna be crowded for the next few days, but in all actuality, it's not gonna last that long.
    I'm not sure if the game will die extremely quickly or whatever is going to happen, but we told them what we want- loud and clear, them not listening is just disrespectful to the player base.
    Not gonna be surprised if they are going to delay the launch even further if you think about it.
    Regardless I am going to play for as long as me not paying real money goes. if I get stuck behind a paywall- I'm quitting. I believe that's the case for a lot of us.

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    Im quit only if they add items that give stats on $ shop, as for boosters and stuff, totally fine for me. Game is free for us but not for them as well,they need to earn money somehow,this is not them doing charity (mind that). Im gonna invest money into this game but as soon game add single item in a store that give stats,im done.

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