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    Post Make a proper "Remaster" or "Refresh" of the game

    The problem with the new version is that it's clearly targeting the current player base only.

    They are adding "Navigation Quests". This makes us able to level faster to lvl60. This and also the lack of advertisement shows one thing: You don't care. This restart is for the old players to keep the gameplay (and the income$) a bit more fresh.

    You don't notice that Rohan: Origins died because of the same ideas? You make leveling linear and easy, you make us skip content, then what's the point? Many of us would come back for some nostalgia. To see Ahkma Cave full of leveling noobs and experience it again.

    Maybe many of us would stay too. This is also not appealing to real new players. (It's way too boring and simple)

    Refresh content for all players.
    Move tutorial zone to the real game world, so new players won't drop this boring **** after reaching lvl4.
    Add new open dungeons, make quest bosses drop some stuff too.
    Add Item Mall stuff drop chance for bosses or even normal monsters (with low rates obviously)
    Make proper game blance
    Make a graphics overhaul. I can't believe that you can't even update the character and ground textures. I would LOVE to do this if you send me the textures. (I have experience)
    Add new endgame content (e.g territory control)
    Advertise the game.

    Many of these stuff are easy and cheap to make. The fact that you don't care shows us that you have no visions, no ideas, no will. Then why would i download it and put money into the game? To see it disappear in 2 years again? Dissapointed.

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    I will invest some money into game but very carefully, I expect this game to become heavy pay to win and the moment that happens I'm quitting it, the less money I spend on it, the better. If it seems though that game is doing fine and devs are not greedy as there were, I might invest a bit more.

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    Keep dreaming, it will be pay to win xD

    We Will Hunt You Down

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkTuramus View Post
    Keep dreaming, it will be pay to win xD
    ^ this ^

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    if it will be that's mean they are morons bcs p2w destroyed this game

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    A long time ago somebody decided to ruin the game and made it p2w... Hope this time won't be smth like that :d

    Rohan: Eternal Vengeance is coming!

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    When the population was decent, it wasn't too bad to earn RPs from the EM then use that on the IM. Then the monthly RP requirements became too steep and you had Epics and Upgrades. Everything fell apart after that and the servers became ghost towns very quickly. It was literally a mass exodus.

    So the cash shop isn't so bad in principle, it's just how it's implemented that needs to go back to basics. A vibrant community and an open exchange market is what's needed but neither of those things are going to happen now.

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    Exactly, i just read the e-mail and got hyped. Downloaded the client and started to roam the forum.
    As i read, that you will kind of skip lvl 1-60 I already deinstalled it. I want a slow grind, play at akhma, kill mummies,
    lvl in Roha and Spire again. Not this endgame stuff.

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    Well this doesn't look promising.

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    still some grphic game style what's change ?

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