Armenes woke from his eonian slumber. A dragon that fought the Gods to survive many years ago. The Gods stroke him down and he died… or so they thought.
When the Dragon God rose again, He managed to regain enough power, to restore himself down to a “simple”, small dragon; and not the mighty, gargantuan Dragon he used to be.

But remember, he held enough power, at the very doors of death, to create an entire race of living creatures… the mighty Dekans. So, imagine how much power he has now that he has reformed and has channeled his power.

With his rebirth, the Gods had no idea of what was happening, since they concentrated on wiping the living from the world.
Oh but he had plansArmenes planned and plotted for years on how to return and how to revenge and take his rightful position as son of Ohn.
Edoneh, with all her love for her children, granted a blessing upon his reborn son. But that came at a cost… and the Goddess of Love and Family fell into slumber, with her beloved husband. And with tears in his eyes, Armenes fought and destroyed his wicked brothers. With them gone, the other races were finally at peace, but Armenes knew that his brothers would just be reborn, just like he did. So, his plan continues to the point where he harvested the core of the planet for energy and everything was wiped out of existence in a flash of light.

Now, how do I know all of these things, you might ask? How did someone -or something- escape the destruction of everything that was? It is simple, my child. One cannot destroy what is more powerful than a mere god, created from dirt and water… No, I was not created, nor can I be destroyed. I am the one they call The Observer, the Watcher in the sky, the Third Eye. And I witness all and nothing. And I am waiting, for when nothing claims everything, something always starts the spark… of the Eternal Revenge.

When the gods are stripped down of their powers, and the Goddess falls to slumber, the heroes that fell will not be forgotten. But the heroes of tomorrow, they shall continue the fight against the evils that roam our beloved renewed continent.

“From the ashes of destruction… a new horizon rises from the embers”
Join us in the battle for a new beginning in a world remade from its sundering.