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    Lightbulb Your suggestions about rohan

    Hello everyone. As for the topic:
    1. What would you change in the game?
    2. Do You have any suggestion how to improve item mall?

    Maybe I'll start with an example

    a) Maybe more usefull quests like
    More guild quests or daily guild quest
    Few more quests with ses/ases reward

    b) Maybe few new systems like
    fisherman skills(the more you fish, the better things you get)
    thief skill(the more you open chests, the better things you get)

    a). Creating new original costumes or costumes for special occasions such as halloween and other styling stuff. some kind of players are crazy about styling their character
    b). Authorial skins on weapons and skills. I know many other games where this type of stuff working, becasue people wanna be uniqe. So everyone will be able to create their own style
    c). I don't have problem with Skill enchancement stone in item mall. because i got a chance to get it during farm/exp, but would be nice if ases will be farmable(also i don't have a problem with ases in item mall) so they can keep ses and ases in IM
    d). Well i know some people have problem with talizmans in IM. But also i know many games where this system just work, but those talizmans must be balanced, 20all stat is more balanced then for example 50 all stat. They best way to compromise talizmans from IM is create a semi talizman system in game. Where player can compose semi tali from some kind of stuff.

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    All i want is not to have bots, too many boxes and PayToWin. Knowing this company from experience I know it gonna be PTW but at least don't sell gear that gives stats on a market.

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    it should be 1 account per pc.... not unlimited

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    Like mentioned on another thread:

    Seperate servers with and without HK. So everybody can decide wether they want or don't want to use it.

    Only one client per pc.

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    I don't think there are any more suggestions until we see what kind of game the new Rohan offers us (I hope it is not the same version of Rohan only to be again from scratch) because I don't want to invest time and money again so that later I will be left with a swollen lip.
    And as for the rewards I saw nothing, those of us who made investments in old Rohan go to the pit with those invested?
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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    My suggestions? Get rid of the legalized botting. Never agreed with that but accepted it due not being able to reach the horrendous 115 +50 levels without experience packs and botting 24/7.

    With a max lvl of 100 lvl there is absolutely no need to have this kind of crap in the game. You are re-rolling the game, so get rid of that garbage at the outset!! Make your players actually, um, PLAY the damned game!

    @D4rius : This is nothing more than a re-roll of the game at 2008 levels with a couple minor quest updates and a level bump to 100. The only real difference is they are using the RohanKR client and did some new level-up quests to get to lvl 60 fast. Hell, they even kept the job change quest at 50 for god's sake!
    I may try it out, but I suspect it will be the same kind of stuff I can build myself in a couple days (but I have brains to leave out the hunters kits and job change quests).

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