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    Old school Rohan player coming back

    Hey guys. I was super disappointed to see the game being delayed until November 10th but that's completely understandable with the current situation of the world.

    Rohan online was one of my VERY FIRST mmorpgs. When i first started playing around 2010 (i think) I was completely immersed in the beautiful world of Rohan and the wonderful people in the community, instantly making me fall in love with the game. It definitely had it's flaws but overall it was an Amazing experience & I even had one of my best friends play with me eventually.

    I just hope that Rohan Online 2 will be an upgrade from the outdated UI & graphics/gameplay from Rohan: Blood Feud. Thank you guys for doing this!!! I'm literally so excited and i cannot wait to jump back into the game after many years away from Rohan.

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    It's not Rohan Online 2 at all. The UI is just slightly updated, like it has been in the past but the frame rate cap has been removed so it will now run at 60fps. That's your lot.

    The same p2w forging system is there as well as all the other faults. They figured that to fix all the outrageous balancing issues they would be better off wiping the game and deleting everyone's hard earned progress from all the years. It's something which didn't need to be done and is essentially another desperate cash grab from the greediest company in the world. They figured they would generate more cash by doing this so hey screw all the players and make them believe it's a vastly improved version of Rohan.

    No wonder so many people play pservers. Screw you YNK/PlayWith you disgusting f***ers.
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    that's why most players are looking for a private server instead, where there is no emphasis on p2w

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    Rohan 2 =

    1. Take original Rohan.
    2. Remove stupid game breaking mistakes (Trinity, Conqueror levels, hero/ultimate skills, Item Mall Weapons/Gear).
    3. Drop level cap.
    4. Wipe everybody's game data.
    5. Pretend it is a "new Idea".
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    Sourcerer in your dream

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrzawus View Post
    Sourcerer in your dream
    But this is exactly what's happening. This isn't Rohan 2, not even Rohan 1.5. More like Rohan 1.01 and you have to start completely from scratch ��

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    BamBam coming

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    I agree with all what you say but removing everything and reopening the game is better than removing everything and run away atleast we've a go to play

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    we have to remember that version 1.0: D crashed because of p2w
    not to mention the fact that as a player practically from the beginning of this game I still remember how there were several servers and from the moment of increasing the emphasis on p2w the number of players decreased until they were all combined into one.
    I would not expect it to be any different now, it is just trying to squeeze a little more $$ from this game by this company

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    I have a feeling that the new version will not work better and there will still be no players, it would be better not to be like that.
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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