Dearest Rohanians,

After several years together, we have gone through so much that words may not be enough to completely tell the full story of our beloved game and our beloved players.

We, as GM Team, understand that we, most times, are reluctant to change, and that change is a scary thing. But sometimes, it is necessary; for us to improve, to evolve, to get better and BE better.

We want to say Thank you. For all the time, care, and effort you invested in our game. Thank you for the uncountable stories we have gone through. For the insurmountable care you showed us since the beginning. Now we have to say goodbye.

However, even when things look bleak and dreary, we must never lose hope. Hope in a brighter, better future for us all. We want to show you that this is not the end of everything.

We hope, with all of our hearts, that our story together continues on Eternal Vengeance.

You will be welcomed, as the heroes you are, in our new adventure. We hope to find you in the ranks once again, battling your way back to the top and watch your peers from there.

Without further due, we thank you once again, and say goodbye to an old adventure that comes to an end.

With care and love,

-R.O.H.A.N. Team-