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    [System Event] Happy Halloween!

    Boooo Shiltizens!👻

    Halloween season has arrived again to Shiltz, the monsters have gone out of their caves and not only that. Also, 3 bosses have manage to escape this year 😱
    Defeat those monsters to save everyone from the evil and preserve the peace in Shiltz.

    You will be able to find NPC Guard James at Elim C3 and Lime C4, he will tell you how to defeat them.

    Watch out with the following locations, the bosses are out of control!

    🕷Upstream of Glasis River🕷

    The boss found in this area could drop:

    🍂Jack's Head X100
    🍂Zombie's Bone x100
    🍂Strange Egg
    🍂Einhorn's Transformation Order

    🕷Underground Gravesite Level 3🕷

    The boss found in this area could drop:

    🍂Jack's Head X100
    🍂Zombie's Bone x100
    🍂Strange Egg
    🍂Chaos and Heavenly Recipe Box

    🕷Chocolate Forest🕷

    The boss found in this area could drop:

    🍂Jack's Head X100
    🍂Zombie's Bone x100
    🍂Strange Egg
    🍂Chaos and Heavenly Box

    As a proof of your braveness, you must bring NPC Guard James 100 Zombie's Bone and 100 Jack's Head, then NPC Guard James will thank you with a Halloween Crate.

    🕸What will you be able to find inside the Halloween Crate?

    Bring this Egg to NPC Guard James, he will know what to do!

    From the Strange Egg, a🕷 Baby Spider 🕷will emerge and will become your new spooky friend!

    *This event will be available from today, October 13rd to November 17th.

    Happy Halloweeen!

    Love Seal!
    Seal BOD Team

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    what is einhorn transformation used for? what is the contain of chaos and heavenly box? please enlighten me

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    Please advise the contain of chaos and heavenly box

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    pls keep the hunt area save from cheater, some cheater already spoil this event in lime to get bone

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    Dear GM and team,

    Im very sad with this situation, this event looks fun and good but many cheater already spoil the spot and take all advantage for this event, i hope u guys can handle this, still I Love Seal BOD and still want play play and play just asdfghjkl. Im sad guys.

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    How could we play GM? Cheater and Macros Everywhere, Please take care for your game

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    save your time

    they don't care at all!!!

    this game has already dead when this gm's team takes it over
    Last edited by chikuwa; 10-17-2020 at 12:04 PM.

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    GM can you PLEASE spend some time to check and see for yourself how these CHEATERS are spoiling the game?? I am sure you WANT all of us to be happy and enjoy the event and NOT ONLY THE CHEATERS right?? BEG YOU TO DO SOMETHING EFFECTIVE ASAP !

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    are you sure we can get halloween costume in the box? i opened more than 400 boxes this far and get nothing, i also asked my friend if they get one but the answers is NO

    please dont tell me u forgotten to put halloween costume inside the box


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    Cheater every channel in elim and lime, if you can't fix it just ended the event

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