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    anyone has same problem, im reaching lv 150 but didnt receive time warp, anyone have same issue here.?

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    The current team of GMs are rated incompetent! Don't just sit and think of how to make more money! DO SOMETHING to make your players happy again! Sorry to say that... you guys need to buckle up or buckle OUT!

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    Sorry to say too, why GM team still not answering those posts until now?? So many GM in here right? Please do something new after this event end. The seal's market was on depression, mainly because of those easy-get & cheap corrupted soul costumes.

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    lol , they don't event want to come here anymore

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    the reason they didn't answer because they are from rohan online , they don't know anything about seal online. the real gm from seal bod already gone years ago (gunrock , nascid , etc)

    their another game (rohan) already dead (the server closure is 15 october next week) , that's why the gm migrated from there (rohan) to here(seal). i bet the reason is same, some stupid event make the market not stable , rare items become common items. just matter of time this happen to seal online .

    feel free to defend or attack anyone (including me). i just spitting some FACTS.

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    Dear GM,
    Please add another 2 days make it 1 month, i just start play this game yesterday.
    Need more time to achieve 240.

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