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    [Event] Time to level up!

    Hello Shiltzians!

    We know the thrill of leveling up and that it gets even better when you get awesome rewards for it!

    Cash items will go to your cash bank (no need to re-login).

    Here are the prizes for every level achieved:

    The event will be extended until November 3rd**.


    ❗ This event will only be applicable for characters created after the maintenance of September 22, 2020.

    ❗ Prizes are not accumulative. If you already have a character with a higher level, you will not receive the previous level prizes. You will just obtain the prizes for the levels you achieve with your new character after this event starts. *

    *This post has been modified

    Good luck everyone!

    Love Seal! ^^
    Seal BOD Team

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    are those corrupted soul costume tradeable?

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    Hi GM just want to ask. If I already have 200 level character before this event can I still get the prize at lvl 230 and 251? Thank you for your kind support

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    corrupted soul is special one??14%ddi?

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    GM, please post the stats for corrupted soul costume.

    is it like night keeper costume?

    and are they TRADEABLE?

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    What about yulson XG+9?

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    I hope the cosrrupted soul costume H is tradeable

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    i'd like to ask, if my char is on 150, will it get to get next reward (200 - 251) ?
    since its said below 150, is it <= 150 (1-150) or < 150 (1-149)

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    is the reward given base on character / account. is it posible to gain benefit by creating up to 5 new character or more with one account ?

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    hi i have a quetion, my level now is 160.
    before this event my level is 140, you said char below 150 will capable to take this event
    and i just past 150 now my level 160, so i check my item mall bank is not recive reward for past level 150

    is just bug or i miss something?

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