On this opportunity, we bring you a new RPs spending promotion and a boost for this week!

RPs Bonus:

For all the purchases* done from today until Monday 28th, you will receive a bonus reward!

2500 RPs -> you will receive Blessing of Gaius (30 days)

5000 Rps -> you will receive a Premium Kiosk (7 days)

10000 Rps -> you will receive 5 Vulcanus Special Toolbox

And that is not all! ⚡From September 23rd a 50% EXP and DROP boost will be available!

This will be available during the period from September 22nd 20:00 PDT after maintenance to Monday 28th 12:00 PST.

Rewards will be sent on Tuesday 29th.

*Take into account that the boost will start on September 23rd 00:01 PDT and will last for the same time (until Monday 28th).
*The RPs need to be purchased and spent on the Item Mall during the promotion time in order to be eligible for the reward.
*RPS spent on Grabbit will be considered.
*RPS spent on "Premium" will not be considered.


Love Seal,
Seal B.O.D Team