Hello, Shiltzians!

Grabbit is now updated for this month!

Here is the list of the updated items:

With Grabbit, you always win!

Since we want you to win even more, we have an extra surprise:

Players who buy from September 16 to September 21 will win these prizes for the grabbed items:

🔱20 grabbed items: 1 Rascal Rabbit Balloon + 1 Golden Chest Key
🔱50 grabbed items: 1 Blessed Diamond
🔱100 grabbed items: 50 Stone Option Fixed Ticket

Warning: these prizes are stackable and can only be obtained once per account.

Play Grabbit here: https://soshop.playrohan.com/grabbit_start.html

Good luck for everyone!

Love Seal! ^^
Seal B.O.D. Team