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    Isen andall craft gearquestion???

    So dear GM you closed item mall where we get all craft gear supplies Now for Craft geared players (Isen 90%) have problem.Where we can get supplies for ours beloved weapons and armors? Like 14% crit rate stone, 200 stats for armors and all kind boost stones for Opianel guarder? You didnt made even discount these items in Item Mall last few monts so seems like you RILLY DONT CARE... i hope that is not true and you have any plan to start NPC in game where we can buy them for crones and continue plaing that great game
    PS: If you cant handle that NPC becouse we know all your programers are highly unprofesional for example i can say all private servers have NPC like that lol you can just give evry player in isen Ruler weapon package -easy peasy-

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    But you know the Game close in 2 month XD

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