To all our dear Shiltizens,

We would like to announce and remind you what we have for this month and what will have for the upcoming weeks.

Remember that Seal News is available every month to bring you all the equip plans, development process and last news in the world of Shiltz.

We hope that all of you are safe and healthy staying at home and remember to keep the safety protocol to protect yourself and your family.

📰 Seal News – July 2020! 📰

☀ Shiltz Conqueror Event
This event is available until August 11th, remember that after the event there is a raffle, those who have donated the most number of Blue Eye Tickets will participate for the following:

🌟Raffle between the top 10: Only 1 random winner will obtain a Fly Moonlight Angel Kitsune
🌟Raffle between the top 50: Only 1 random winner will obtain a Refinement ticket +12
🌟Raffle between the top 100: Only 1 random winner will obtain a Blessed Sapphire
🌟Raffle between the top 500: 3 random winners will obtain a Refinement ticket XG
🌟All the top 1000: Will receive a Hawaiian Walcure (15 days).

☀ Keep your account safe with OTP
As a protection measure, make sure to activate the OTP authentication system to ensure not any other third person to access to it.
For those who are not aware how the OTP security system works, here you can check the guide on how to use it here:

As same as June, as promised, all of those who have been keeping their account safe will receive the following rewards:
💛 [Untradeable] Premium Vendor (1 Day)
💛[Untradeable] Lucky Pouch (Gold - 15 Days)
💛Grasshopper Fashion (30 days)

Remember that if you have any issue with it, for example, you lost your phone or uninstalled the app, you can request us by ticket to deactivate the authenticator and you can set is back again just when you want.

☀ Play Fair, Play Safe
As mentioned in our previous post, we have been increasing the detectors of third party programs users, weekly, we block accounts involved with this kind of programs.

We know that you would like to know more details about this but it is also a concern for us that these users find the way to break the current systems we are using.

We can ensure that we will keep making our best to get rid of those who affect the game environment and the experience of our beloved Shiltizens.

☀ Grabbit Update
Grabbit has been updated for this month, here you can play it!

☀ Grabbit Bonus
For all of those who achieve to use 60+ tokens & 80+ tokens, there will be an exclusive summer cash set of 30 days. The tokens will be accumulated during the event period.
For those who achieved to use 80+ will have the chance to obtain the Giant Piya Guarder for first time!

This bonus event will be available until July 27th.
The rewards obtained will be supplied at the upcoming maintenance.
*We will make sure that the supply is done correctly, if we find any issue, we will make sure to send you the correspondent rewards.

☀ Monthly Special Appraisal Sale
Remember that our special appraisal sale is still available until July 28th. You can obtain:
Pet Appraiser's Mistake (Special) for 400 RPS
Marco's Mistake (Special) for 340 RPS

Coming Soon:

🔥Golden Chest update🔥
New Golden chest content available since the upcoming Tuesday after maintenance!

🔥New Power system🔥
We also will bring a new power system soon that will let you play and better calculate your character and equipment powers!

🔥GM events comeback!🔥
We are glad to announce that the GM events are coming back on early August.
Warzone, Hunger Games, Jason’s Hunt and some others are ready to be applied again.
We have missed having time with you and we are so happy to know we will enjoy of these events again.
Note: We will try a new registration process for the long events as Warzone and Hunger Games in order to reduce the waiting time and that we can have more time to enjoy!

Also, there will be new events coming at late August that we are currently testing to provide you the best experience.

🔥Special streaming events🔥
We have missed interacting with you! For this reason, we bring back special streaming events for having fun and share some giveaways with you. We will start with a Summer Fest were we hope you all come wearing your swimsuits and summer outfits. Remember that this events also give us the chance to reply to some of your questions so we will be glad to be hearing from you and resolving all of your concerns.

🔥PvP Tournament🔥
Before the pandemic situation started, we left a guild wars tournament without even starting. We are planning a new fresh kind of tournament for all of you to enjoy. We know that there are some bugs affecting the GWH system, as instances also, that is already under schedule to be fixed. We just kindly ask you for some patience, our team is currently working to fix it. In that way, we can continue enjoying of dungeon runs and facing other guilds to show your power.

(*) We also would like to let you know that Seal Online Blades of Destiny is here to stay and we are currently working hard on the issues and misscomunication we had during the lockdown period, we hope you all are doing well and that we keep enjoying of the game.

We trully appreciate your patience and understanding!

Love Seal <3
Seal B.O.D Team