As part of our accounts protection campaign, we bring you a little surprise to help you protect your account.

Several months ago we implemented the OTP authentication option at the game to help you provide security to your account to avoid third persons to access to it is bad intentions.

For those who are not aware how the OTP security system works, here you can check the guide on how to use it here:

For this reason, from now on, from June to August, those who have the OTP system activated on their accounts will receive special rewards at the last day of the month!

Rewards will be paid on the upcoming maintenance after the end of the month (edited line, details at the comment)

As we want a safe game and a fair environment for our players we will reward you for helping us keeping your account safe.

Note: Users that try to take advantage only activating the OTP on previous days before prize supply won't be considered.

These are the rewards that you will be able to receive at the end of the month:

💛[Untradeable] Premium Vendor (1 Day)
💛[Untradeable] Lucky Pouch (Gold - 15 Days)
💛Grasshopper Fashion (30 days)

Love Seal!
Seal B.O.D. Team