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    INDOMAY Guild Open Recruitment "DURAN Server"

    Hi everyone, we are INDOMAY Guilds, basicly we're guild from Indonesian. But we accept players from all over the world who want to grow together and have fun with Indomay.

    The purpose of this guild is to have fun and make the guild member growing. We are Gladly to open up opportunities for active members who want to join the family.

    We do dungeon Sage, waterway elim every day, and einhorn dungeon some time. We need you to maximize this activities.

    Rules and requirements for recruitment:
    1. Make sure your character you want to join is your main character, we dont accept dummy or second characters.
    2. Actively interact with other members.
    3. lv 200++

    If you feel that you meet the requirements and want to join, you can do private chat / PM by whispering in the game or sending mails on the following names:

    1. Witchbaki (Master)
    2. Behave
    3. Crazycloud
    4. Piggybiscuit

    Or you can visit our base at Zaid ch 1 coor E4 "Duran"

    We are waiting for you! Don't be shame, don't be afraid. We will help each other guild member. So, don't forget to mail that IGN for enter this family guild.
    Come and having fun together with INDOMAY.

    Best Regards

    INDOMAY Guild

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