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    Account blocked/banned and others

    Dear GM,

    I have an issues that my account got blocked, i've sent ticket #337913, kindly need your help to give the reasons why. It is not fair for blocking/ban my account without any email for notifications of reasons why? i thinks it should be a player right to be notified of the reasons why prior to ban my account.

    Moreover, i also had submit a ticket of my missing items on inventories and submitted the ticket #337476. i've submitted the ticket on Friday, June 19, 2020. i expect these ticket been solved by now. would you mind to also give us expected date of completion for this kind of this case? its not fair that we received losses on bugs causes from games.

    Not only that banning account without any notifications makes the games feels had full authority within all players, we are the one who makes this games keeps running, by spending our times and resources to spend on RPS. i don't think this kind of behavior would retained much players to keep their loyalty to play this games.

    Please do fix these concerns.



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    Same here bro, i don't even know why my Account ID got Blocked until i'm trying to Login.

    And i don't got email or notifications for the reason why my Account got Blocked.

    Dear GM,

    Please i've sent ticket too #337931.

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    Dear GM

    i have same problem, please tell me the reason why my ID has been blocked?

    please read my ticket #337997

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    Dear GM
    I do have a same problem here, why my account getting banned.
    I don't even use any third party program or anything that is prohibited
    Please read my ticket #337928, it been 24 hours now

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    it feels like waiting for miracle to pop up. even waiting for customer services responses is like gamling on golden chest. they might come and they might not, <5% chances of they taking care of us. they just want to ban everyone and hoping no player playing anymore maybe?

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    lalala .

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    mine also. please kindly reply us, and notify us why our id get blocked?
    my case #339437. please reply our tickets. thankyou

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