Greetings, Shiltizens!

We have heard your concerns regarding players who are breaking the rules and bring you this brand new feature so you can help us make justice.

As stated in its name, through the Macro report system you will be able to make real-time reports against those players who are involved with macro hunting.

What is illegal macro?

Illegal macro happens when a character performs actions while the user is away from keyboard.

How to identify an illegal macro user?

Search for certain behavior patterns. For example:

• the player performs repeated movements/actions,
• talking to the player and not getting a reply,
• the player’s move speed seems faster than normal.

How can I report illegal macro?

Follow these steps to make the report:

1. Click on the Macro Alert icon (the pointer of your mouse should be changed into a star-like one.)
2. Next, click on the character you want to report.
NOTE: Keep in mind that you will have 3 reports per day, so only report players who are breaking the rules.
3. A confirmation message will appear. If you are sure about that click on “O” to continue with your report.

What if I have been reported but I am not doing Macro?

Reported players will have to solve a Macro Test puzzle. If the response is correct, the player will be rewarded with a polymorph potion and no punishment will be made. If the response is incorrect, the player won’t be rewarded.

If the illegal macro is confirmed, the player will be sent to the moon. In order to return to Shiltz, the reported player will have to solve the puzzle provided by the NPC. Players with many reports in their accounts will be eligible for investigation by the GM team and the punishment will be severe.

Remember: “With great power comes great responsibility”.
We trust that you will be fair in making the reports.

Love Seal! ^^
Seal B.O.D. Team