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    [Promotion] Top-Up Extravaganza

    Hello Shiltizens,

    🎊We have prepared a new top-up event for the community! Let's welcome the summer with and Item Mall top-up Extravaganza!🎊🎊🎊

    From June 16th 00:00 to 24th 23:59 PDT all users that charge denominations of 2500, 5000 or 10.000+ Rpís using UniPin, Paypal Gocash, MOL or PaySafeCard payment methods will receive Top-up bonuses rewards on June 25th.

    Here is how the event works:

    🔸1- Using Unipin, Paypal Gocash MOL or PaySafeCard, choose que amount of RPís you would like to charge to participate and receive the rewards for this promotion (2500, 5000 or 10.000+ Rps).

    🔸2- During the event period, you can keep accumulating the cash charged for the rewards. This means you can charge different amounts during different days you receive the reward for the total Rpís charged.
    Example: Charging first 1000 Rps then 2000 Rps on other date, at the end of the event you will receive the reward for 2500 Rps denomination.

    🔸3- The prizes for the event are cumulative! This means that according to the Rpís denomination you charge, you will also receive the prizes from the previous denominations.
    Example: For charging 5000 Rps, you will also receive the reward for 2500 Rps and so.

    🔸4- After the end of the event, on June 25th you will receive the rewards on your cash bank.

    Event BONUS:

    For Everyone who participates on the event, we will make a raffle that will pick 5 participants to win 3000 Rps!

    Unipin Special:

    🔴 Players have to top up RPs using UniPin Wallet as their payment method.
    🔴 During the event, 50 first users top up at denomination 2.500 RPs will get bonus cashback amount 30.000 UniPin Credits.
    🔴 During the event, first 50 first users top up at denomination 5.000 RPs + will get bonus cashback amount 50.000 UniPin Credits.
    🔴 1 (one) UniPin account only can get 1x cashback per each denomination during the event.
    🔴 The UniPin Credits bonus will be sent to the user by UniPin Team in maximum 7 days after the event period ends.


    ☑ To validate your participation, you must charge your Rpís using Unipin, Paypal Gocash MOL or PaySafeCard.
    ☑ You can only participate once per account.
    ☑ If you top up more than 10.000 Rps, you will receive the prize for 10.000 denomination and it is not cumulative.
    ☑ Once you exchange/purchase your RPs, YOU DON'T need to spend the Rps on the game to participate.
    ☑ Account first purchase using Paypal account must be confirmed through Billing Team.
    ☑ Not valid for JCPlanet purchases.

    We hope you enjoy this promotion!

    Have fun playing Seal!

    Love Seal! ^^

    Seal B.o.D Team.

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    The rewards have been submitted. Here are the winners of the raffle:


    Enjoy your rewards!! We will have more events to come.

    Love Seal! ❤
    Seal B.O.D. Team

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