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    Setting Guild Title - Newbie Here

    -Hello, hopefully, someone might help me, Yesterday I created my guild, afterwards, i invited players to join my newly created guild.
    -I was hoping the guild set-up is just as easy as i thought it would be. But to my surprise, to me setting up the guild in-game turned out so much complicated to me being a newbie.
    -So i googled and luckily found post on youtube on setting the legion. Ok fine for me.
    -But I am STUCKED on HOW TO ASSIGN GUILD POSITION/TITLE to my guild members. I cannot assign titles like, commander nor veteran to any of my selected member, AS OF THIS WRITING, All my members are soldiers.
    -I have searched/googled AND UNLUCKY TO FIND ANY INSTRUCTIONS which ROHAN should have done.
    -thanks for any information or guide that i can follow.
    -Big thanks.

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    Form a legion tab. Then delegate authority tab.
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