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    [END] Maintenance 05/19/20


    We will have our regular maintenance today 05/19/2020 from 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM PDT.

    Servers will be going offline to update the game.

    During this time Seal servers will not be available.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Seal BOD Team ^^

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    Greetings Shiltzians!

    Maintenance has been extended up to 60 minutes.
    New surprises and events are getting ready!

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Seal B.o.D Team

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    Our 05/19/2020 maintenance has finished and servers are once again live!

    Maintenance Notes:

    1. Preventive Maintenance
    2. [UPDATE] Web Rankings
    3. [UPDATE]Grabbit Update
    4. [EVENT] Children's System Event: Little Jim has lost his belongings once more. Help him to recover them and get unique event rewards in exchange!
    5. [EVENT] Fishing Event: EXP +100%: Using Fishing EXP item, exp while fishing now is increased by 100% during the event period.
    6. [EVENT] Pool Party Event: Summer Pool applied to the center of Elim. Get ready for upcoming pool events with GM's!
    7. [EVENT] Shark Costume Box: New costume system available on the Item Mall: Shark Costume Box.
    8. [FIX] Mailbox mail limit: To avoid mail spam, mailing restrictions were applied to the system
    9. [END] Yulson boosted items event: Yulson XG+9 items were restored to original status.
    10. [END] JC Planet Channeling service.
    11. [END] Waterway Raider Event.
    12. [SUPPLY] April Login Event special reward:
    • 10 Days:

      Gold Rune Stone
      Bright Count's Ring

      15 Days:

      Rascal Rabbit Saiyan (Red)
      Luxury Emperor Costume
      [Untradeable] Premium Vendor (1 Day)
    13. [SUPPLY] Waterway Raider Rewards:
    • Samael, Sakiel, Zadkiel Gold Exchange Ticket x500
      Jikael/Tiphareth White Exchange Ticket x500
      Forgotten King's Locked Gold Chest x2
      Blessed Pink Diamond x1

    14. [SUPPLY] EMA Compensation - Logins from May 7th to 14th will receive on cash bank:
    • Luxury Special Power-up Potion x3
      Luxury Special Magic Fiber Potion x3
      [Compensation] Blessing of Gaius (7 Days) x1

    15. [REMOVE] Remove event items from server:
    • Little Jim's Candie
      Little Jim's Pacifier
      Trade Proof

    Thank you for your patience.

    Seal BoD Team

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