Dear Shiltizens,

For the next days we have special bonus for purchasing on the Item Mall. We will deliver extra rewards prepared for you this time.

From May 14th, 00:00 PDT to 19th before maintenance RP’s consumed per account will be accumulating, so that at the end of the event the accounts will receive additionally the following prizes:

2500 Rp's:

Premium Kiosk (3 days)

5000 Rp's:

Evolution Leaf 100%

All the rewards will be sent after the event duration on May 19th’s maintenance.

The RP’s you spend during the event are cumulative, that means that you can spend different amounts of RPs on different days and, at the end of the event, you will receive the prize considering the total amount of RPs spent.

Example: If you spend 1500 RPs on May’s 15th, then spend others 3500 RPs on 18th, at the end of the event you will have spent a total of 5000 RPs, which means you will receive the prize for 5000 RPs + Prize for 2500 Rp’s.


*Note that this promotion is valid for all payment methods.
*Remember that you have to spend the Rp’s on Seal Online Item Mall in order to validate your participation.
*Premium service purchase is not considered.
*Prizes are cumulative.
*Only one prize per account considering the total amount spent after the end of the event.
*All items can be traded

We hope you enjoy it!

Seal BoD: Team