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    Quarantine led me here..

    Once again, I find myself on Rohan after 9 years. Sooo, where are all the poppin' places at? Any Discords where people just dick around? I'm pretty bored and started a new character now, yikes
    RBF - XiasXenios (115 Templar)
    <YallSoStupid> .. good times
    Zairean (103 Defender)
    AcerEx (90 Wizard)

    ORIGIN -
    Meliotis (78 Guardian)

    catch me on Dragon Nest in the late night..
    <Sadistic> ... our discord is interesting

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    First mistake: you started play server jainous lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by gangstafunk View Post
    First mistake: you started play server jainous lol
    A great great truth
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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    hmm Wonder if I should comeback, wonder if I still have lvl 105 gears deleveled to lvl 20

    Also have I think 65 Godly Ancient +10 crit Xbow delevel to level 10

    Yep just downloaded , still have those and unique lv 85 warrior set deleveled to 0 and 102 rare mace deleveled to lvl 10
    Will have fun running into 65 zone and people trying to pk but cant cause im to low...lol

    Look for me under WADofMEAT
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