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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonbonfish View Post
    how did you get this price $43 for 1B?

    did you do ANY RMT to get Cegel??
    You can check itemku.com

    They sell everything about game.. including items and cegels

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    Well i appreciate GM for this.. they wrote rules and mechanics..
    No dummy id's allowed.. not like before..

    Im RPS spender but this game need balance..
    If you can top up and have money like me.. you will use special item like ranael or einhorn xg.. you top up buy albereo special box 2 and refine it like theres no tomorrow.. Bless pink diamond maybe you can use for dragon wings or superior necklace

    With this event balance between non rps and rps player will become smaller.. of course GM have profit because many players will spend to buy sakiel zadkiel

    Veteran player like us are getting old.. lot of us are getting suspended because we have multiple accounts.. so they need new players with good gear to prevent this game getting empty after this Covid..

    Happy hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by pancingan View Post
    Dear My Lovely Game Master.

    i think this reward is not fair for all ROYAL COURT VIP people.
    we feels cheated by this game.

    we all spend almost 500$ / account, buying rps for gaining Blessed Pink Diamond in 5th Regent. and we make many account for that. we paid to your company with RPS. all account we paid for that 500$ / account.
    but now , u give that Blessed Pink Diamond for this easy event ? better u place BPD into Grabit. this event can be exploit by other people who using cheat.

    remember GM . we spend more than 1M RPS . and its for nothing. Your company cheating us with this event.

    We hope the prize is change. u can add blessed diamond or another else. no BPD. or u really want to cheating us. ^^

    This event can be exploit very easy. and your valuable player will be gone ^^
    He have many dummy account.. he top up RPS and sell in game .
    You told me in forum last month " we dont allow player create dummy account to take advantage from this game and top up RPS in dummy account also not allowed"

    There's player create multiple accounts for storage.. and take advantage from it by selling many rubies
    Theres also a big fish in this game.. they create many account and spend 3000 $ (300.000) every month and sell the item in cegel and then sell cegel in real money and got the money back..
    After 5 month free bless pink diamond

    I think you can allow such action, because good income for this game ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by anakdewo01 View Post
    well of course some people will think this events as really nice events because they didnt even buy RPS to support the company, i dont wanna debate with their logic but i really upset with this events
    I already uninstall seal bod because of this events after playing for about 3 or 4 years i think, i dont really remember, but i really hope next time GM and their teams can considering so many things before make an events, and for other players goodluck for your journey in shiltz ^_^
    You can sent me your id and password maybe i can make your account more usefull ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krishnahell View Post
    Thats great. I feel like the server reset is coming soon with an event like this. It is legit a shot on you own feet GM.
    No they wont restart the server..
    They got at least around 100.000 dollar every month
    Super good income..

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    No dummy id's allowed huh? Huh? U sure huh? Pffft don't be kidding, u can use a lot of trick to scamm the system about this dummy acc lol, it's a harvest time for them who know the trick lol

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    IMO GMs want people who have come back to stay for a while, people like me who haven't played for a long time to finally catch up to the newest update.
    I'd say it's worth to come back thanks to this following event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonbonfish View Post
    you never check the details???

    The rewards are paid only once per account (regardless server or channel)
    youre must be +62. not need to blame people. you must teach them to read instead of blame.
    change yourself, change everyone.

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    I think each event is well. Good playing the game that has many events at the same time now. I can buy many items cheaper because of the event.

    Here is a way free to get bpd. actually I can buy it. If I make a decision, I must choose to buy it. Because a free way couldn't make more bpd than buying. If you have able to make both, you will get the most bpd.

    GM's action is important. We know GMs were doing for the player. Please make this game gets better and better.

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    Farhan eriza right now : the risk i took was calculated, but man,,
    am i bad at math? :'(

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