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    hmmm. all my character have same equipment. because they share an equipment when want to go dungeon. Is no use to keep argue with GM. perhaps their system read your account use the same IP address. I also think in my theory, everyone can't all get the reward because it maybe destroyed the item price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stratos000 View Post

    my friend sending ticket to GM on behalf of us
    and got this answer, we literally have no hope and already disappointed

    and our last question is
    from next event will our account count as dummy ?
    if is, then theres no point playing this game anymore
    This last question is the best information I need to know..

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    And GM never respond anymore..
    Best of the Best GM teams and best system filter ever

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    Hello Shiltzens,

    Please take into account the event duration: From May 5th to May 19th.
    If you still have some inquires about this past event, you can send a ticket
    However if your account did not pass the filters, there is no more to do, we hope you understand.

    Seal BOD Team.

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