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    Quote Originally Posted by Krishnahell View Post
    I got same doubt here... I did waterway yesterday but i died at last boss. While i was dead, my team managed to kill the forgotten king, it counts for me?
    Hello Krishnahell,

    You must get the pop-up of the Forgotten King, that shows when the boss is killed and press continue. If you do it would count for you!

    Seal BOD Team

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    DEAR game master, im clearing WTW almost everyday but i didnt get the reward.... please

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    i presed continue to many timess, but i still didn't get the reward

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonharts View Post
    i presed continue to many timess, but i still didn't get the reward
    same here lol

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    same already do the wtw until pop up but not received

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    Hello GM, please answer me, i defeated last boss, and i got FK dialog pop-up when he died. I continue it and i don't get the reward? Do your system miscalculated? or you can tell me something that maybe i didn't do inside the waterway dungeon. I think i clear all the monsters and bosses, also enter every dialog. Thanks GM ^^

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    dear GM,

    i dont get the reward also. i have cleared the wtw bosses. also i make sreen shoot as a proved in the last boss. what can i do to get the reward? thanks

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    I also didn't get the reward...why GM? ialready defeat the boss and i have the last dialog of boss

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    i also didnt get the reward, i already beat the Forgotten king twice

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    prank event? lol?

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