Mayday mayday! Calling all the shiltizens in town!

Forgotten King has awakened and wants to take the power over Shiltz world, it's our time to defeat him and recover the peace of our people.

All the brave ones, prepare yourselves, grab your strongest weapons, and bring your enthusiastic friends. Let's turn into Waterway Raiders and invade the Forgotten King haunt defeating all his minions and finally taking him as the last blood to free Shiltz!

From May 5th until May 19th before maintenance, all the players between level 251 to 271 who achieve to kill the last boss of Underground Waterway Dungeon will be rewarded!

🔱 Only players from level 251 to 271 will be considered
🔱 Dummy accounts or accounts created to exploit the event won't receive rewards
🔱 Rewards will be sent on May 19th maintenance
🔱 The rewards will be sent to account cash bank
🔱 The rewards are paid only once per account (regardless server or channel)
🔱 The dungeon can be completed in party (you and your teammates will be rewarded)


⚜ Samael, Sakiel, Zadkiel Gold Exchange Ticket x 500
⚜ Jikael/Tiphareth White Exchange Ticket x 500
⚜ Forgotten King's Locked Gold Chest x 2
⚜ Blessed Pink Diamond x1 (Untradeable)

Event Duration: From May 5th to May 19th.

Become a Waterway Raider and have fun!

Love Seal! ^^
Seal B.O.D Team