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    [Event] Let's Overcome Coronavirus Together

    Dear Shiltizens!

    We all around the world should respect the social distancing and stay at home, isolation time is important for our security and health.

    It’s our time to save the world from home! We bring you an event during this season to overcome the coronavirus together.

    Since today, you will help NPC Shiltz Plague Doctor on her research to find the vaccine to erradicate the virus as a sign of hope to find the cure in the world as soon as possible.

    How to help the NPC?

    You will find her next to the Bank at Elim. The city will be surrounded by some viruses that you will have to combat in order to find the vaccine research the doctor needs.

    Once you collect 5 pieces of the “vaccine research material”, take it to the doctor, she will be thankful and provide you an Overcome Mask. Remember to always wear your mask to avoid the virus or get contagious.

    As we want you to stay strong during this period, our beloved Yulson will provide all the armors and weapons in .XG +9 to protect yourself [Once the event ends, the items will go back to their original state]. Talk to him and make sure to receive the equipment you need for your class (Remember that it works only if you haven’t received it yet).

    And that is not all…

    During this time, we will have a ✨level up extravaganza event!✨

    So there’s no reason to stay bored at home!
    Here you will find that rewards that you will get as you level up!

    *Rewards are for new characters created during the event (please avoid creating dummy accounts, since they will get suspended eventually).

    * Exchanging untradeable items like police costume through chaos penalty drop, is considered illegal. GMs won't be responsible for this.

    Come with us, let's overcome this pandemic together staying at home and having fun!

    This event will be available until May 5th, 2020.

    With much love,
    Seal B.O.D Team

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    hello GM i want ask something
    about even Lvl up Extravaganza
    that event just for new id or old id?

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    Only for a new ID ?

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    police suit for the reward? isn't this just too overdo? like it could destroy the price market such as 16x,20x, and even jika/tipa htbs

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    This is really not fair.
    For player who already change yulson ticket at 180 and buying rps for XG 16x.
    and this will make economy in seal go down.

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    After event is end, are those items will dissapier ? Like yulson xg+9(htbs) and police suit ?
    Last edited by crowdiaz; 04-07-2020 at 11:14 PM. Reason: Too much text

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    @crowdiaz nope it's a permanent items

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    fresh id or fresh char?

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    do i need to make a new character to receive the prize ?

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    do you think this plague is some kind a joke?
    we purchase item mall armor for nothing!

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