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Thread: E- cash prices!

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    Lightbulb E- cash prices!

    Due to pandemic situation all over globe alot people will look for game to play and njoy. RBF lost may farmers in years becouse e-cash prices are too hight and no point to play colect armors and sell others to get F2P benefits.So actual situation in isen where have no upgrades and is hard to farm abyss evry cash loaded person farm for himself monts to get that armors and weapons so they spend tons of cash get disapointed trying RMT and quit. So NO farmers NO P2P pvpplayers only few 24/7 veterans who terror the few players try to play in server...
    My suggeston is lower the e-cash prices now you have chance more fresh blood to join the game dont make them quit in first week and spend time and money in new games with better graphic but worse gameplay than RBF.
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    I see alot of new players starting or old payers returning to rohan because of the pandamic. i dont think it possible to change the e-cash prices, but maybe a lvling event or something for new players would be better.

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