Since this game is PVP game, you should make event based on pvp, for example :
1. new quest < there is new map with good drop, only the champion guild can enter that place > so everyone is excited for keep war pvp to get enter n farm there >

2. please fix all class bug

3. UPG weapon sale... make everyone equal, so pvp is equal, you always revuse to sell upg, for the one who have upg please don't be greedy, they don't want have new upg sale bcos they don't want their weapon price is down. this the main reason why they don't want have upg sale. let other players have chance to get their upg weapon...

4. you suggest abyss weapon.. ok I know abyss weapon is strong, but for the stone is hard to get, without stone abys weapon is pcs of sh1t,. if this was your idea its ok, but at least make the stone is able to buy at im..

5. think why your server now slow, and a lot privat server outthere…
find way how to get all player is back to rbf, always listen n learn what customer need n suggest, don't just think how to make money..
money will come to you 5x much more or maybe much more if you can solve this case

6. this pvp game, pls stop stupid login event, find missing pet picture, fishing event... come on bro this is not fishing game

sorry I didn't mean want to talk sh1t about you how u manage your game... but I just want try to open your mind....