Hello everyone,
Today, is the first time our guild "Defacto" open for recruitment.
We are Indonesian Guild, but we welcome to all the players who want to join us from all over the world.

About us :
Defacto is a guild with no master, all the duke and marquis is people who trusted by all the members to hold master account, but all the guild decision is determined by all the members.
We communicated mostly with Indonesian languange, but almost all of our current member can speak english too.
We always do daily dungeon such as Sage, Waterway, Einhorn and sometimes we do guild war too.

Requirements :
1. Old players or new players who want to grow up with us
2. We are not welcome to cheaters/bug abusers/scammers or any violation to the games.
3. Good attitude and respect with each other.

We have Whatsapp group and Discord!

If you interested to join us, you can contact/whisp any defacto member you see in the game.

Thank you!